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Ah yes, a tradition unlike any other. Americans cheap wholesale jerseys from china wholesale jerseys simultaneously cheering and compartmentalizing as we're entertained by scum.The next few days will capture this repugnant phenomenon.Thursday night, accused rapist Jameis Winston will likely be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and, Saturday night, former prisoner Floyd football jerseys wholesalers Mayweather Jr. will fight the latest Fight of the Century.This isn't a new phenomenon. Terrible people who are great athletes have existed as long as sports have. But as I crawl out of the typhoon of hoopla surrounding this huge week in sports, I'm reminded how weird we are.If someone told you your co-worker was found guilty or pleaded guilty to cheap wholesale nhl jerseys battery five times in 14 years — including one time, per a statement by his kids' mother, of battery of the mother in front of the kids — you'd probably steer clear of this behemoth. But since you don't actually have to know Mayweather, or be around him, cheap wholesale jerseys free shipping and since "that stuff is in the past" or "it's complicated court stuff," your china wholesale jerseys compartmentalization allows you to enjoy Mayweather the fighter, and for football jerseys wholesale you to spend your money to watch "Money." For one, the tool of choice was a bat. For the other, a stick.Tony Gwynn and Jean Beliveau died this year, unparalleled craftsmen who made the supremely difficult look almost easy.They played with elegance and grace, wholesale jerseys ambassadors for baseball and hockey. They were enduring landmarks in their cities — Gwynn in San Diego, Beliveau in Montreal.

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They were sports royalty, yet never lost the common touch.Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully called Gwynn a wholesale jerseys "genius with the bat." Who could doubt that? With a left-handed swing as fluid as any in baseball, wholesale jerseys from china Gwynn owned the real estate between shortstop and third base, unerringly slashing singles through the left side.He won eight batting titles and finished with a .338 career average, rarely striking out. He did not hit below .football jerseys wholesalers 309 in a full season. He played in two World Series, and hit .371 while he was there. In 1994, he neared baseball's Holy Grail of .400, only to be stopped by a players strike and ending at .394. By the time he quit in 2001, he had 3,141 hits.Gwynn spent all of his 20 seasons in San Diego, where he was "Mr. Padre," his diligence and study of baseball unsurpassed. He happily talked at length to rookies about the art of hitting, his laughter cackling across the seasons. He died at 54,wholesale sports jerseys and believed his years chewing tobacco had much to do with his oral wholesale nhl jerseys cancer. Sentimental journey.This time of year, Super Bowl memories tend to percolate in my brain. wholesale jerseys 4x Broncos Super Bowl memories to be more precise.Understand that I was born and raised in Colorado, and the Broncos were a huge part of my life. Before I evolved into a cynical sports writer —wholesale jerseys free shipping first covering the Broncos and now the Rockies — I was a fan.The Broncos have played in wholesale football jerseys seven Super Bowls, winning twice and getting blasted five times.

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I covered three of those seven games, wholesale jerseys china watching John Elway's Broncos win Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII, and seeing Peyton Manning's Broncos get embarrassed 43-8 by the Seahawks in last year's game in New Jersey.I have distinct memories of all seven Broncos Super Bowls ... pain, disappointment, embarrassment wholesale jerseys 4x and exaltation.Yet, after all of these years, the first Super Bowl journey remains the most vivid in my mind.The road to New Orleans was all that really mattered. Nothing in Colorado sports — not even wholesale authentic jerseys Rocktober — will ever match the passion inspired by the Orange Crush.I was a freshman at Fort Lewis College in Durango in 1977. I came home at Thanksgiving and was lucky enough to go the old Mile High Stadium to witness the chinese wholesale jerseys Broncos beat the Baltimore Colts 27-13 to improve to 10-1. Linebacker Tom Jackson broke the Colts' back with an interception off quarterback Bert Jones. Jackson snatched the ball from the air and raced 73 yards for a touchdown. wholesale jerseys usa T.J. tossed the ball into the stands after his TD. Mile football jerseys wholesale High rocked like wholesale soccer jerseys it had never rocked before.

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